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Setting Jello

I need to get this out of my system before mom and dad’s party. Otherwise I think I’ll be ragging on mom about it all night.

So, mom and dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today, even though the actual date is next weekend. They’re going to be away, so this weekend is the party. Mom’s been set on having jello shot at the party. So much so, that she bought a special flavour of jello just for the party. The flavour is called “Sex on the Beach”  and it only has the bare basics of what to do with the powder.

My mom followed the directions to a “T” and then set the shot cups on the counter to “set”.

Mom forget one LITTLE thing..

Jello does NOT set at room temperature.

Now, seeing that her jello wasn’t setting… mom did what ‘anyone’ would do… She poured a bunch of the shots into a bowl, added Certo and put them back into the shot glasses.

Yes, you read that right. She tried to make JAM out of some of the shots. I’m actually curious as to how those turned out. I managed to convince her not to add certo to all of the shots and put the rest in the fridge to chill.

I’m trying not to laugh too hard at this.. I feel sorry for any of the poor saps that get the cetro jello… it’s going to be a mess.


Life Goes On

And yet, I haven’t be able to land a job. It’s been over a year since I was let go and have no idea what I’m going to do. 

It’s scary to think that I’m drifting. Should I go back to school and if I do, how am I going to pay for it? Should I try to make a business for myself doing something I like… and if so.. what? I want to learn, but have no money to spare for the courses. I want to work for myself, but lack the complete motivation.

I’m adrift in a sea of uncertainty and confusion. I wish I had one of my friends nearby to knock some sense into me. I feel like I’m in a city that has no appreciation for the person I am… even if I’m not entirely sure who that person is yet.

I want to get away from here, but I’m too scared to actually take that step… Could I really load up what I have in my house and move? And if so… where would I move to? What would I do?

My mind’s been a mess since I was fired and it’s only gotten worse… is this depression… probably. However. I’ll find a way though it. The path may be clouded, and my steps unsure, but I will preserve. Life can kick me around all it wants.  


It won’t beat me.


I’ve been hanging around home because I’m frankly nervous about getting back out into the workforce… don’t know why.  I frankly need to get back out there.

In any case I’ve been cleaning and I only just realised how much trouble I’m in. I need a large house and less stuff.
I could sell some of it… as soon as I sort through what I have. But first I need to clean the house so I can get some things from mom and dad.


After that, I need to reorganize the bookshelves I have upstairs so that I can have my reference books up here and  everything else downstairs. I think I’m in for a long day tomorrow.


First Interview

Last week, after I was fired, I handed in a couple resumes to a couple different places in town.  I figured I had better get on the  hunt quickly, as I don’t have the funds to keep searching indefinitely. Imagine my surprise when I was called right away for an interview. The day after I handed my resume in, I was called.


Well that interview was today. It was short, sweet and to the point. Really, I wish all interviews could be like that. The person conducting the interview was nice, and friendly and I couldn’t help but relax around her.  I completely forgot to be nervous when I was talking with her.


I was more nervous when I was trying to find a summer job years ago, then I was talking with her. If she’s indicative of the people that work there, I’ll be lucky to work there. 


Even if the pay won’t be the greatest, I’ll still be lucky. I think it’s time I actually got back to being and interacting with a lot of different people, rather than being alone all day. I think it was driving me batty. (And I was already a bit weird to begin with)


So all in all, it looks like it’s going to be a good day.

May 17 2012

May 23 2012, might have been one of the scariest, and yet most freeing days I’ve had in my life. The day I was fired from a large multinational company.  I’ll admit, I was in the wrong. I did fall asleep on the job. However, the fact that the company has been pushing it’s front line staff to the point of exhaustion, never seemed to enter into the discussion.


It is sadly the loss of the company there.


I’ve only now just been able to get a decent enough sleep that I haven’t felt the need for an afternoon nap and I was walked out on the 17th, and not called back to be held accountable until the 23rd.  It has taken since then to just recover from the exhaustion.


I find the poor corporate culture of my previous employer severely lacking.  Those on the front line often expected to do far more than they are meant to. Blatantly ignored, and generally forgotten. Meetings that were suppose to happen daily, happened haphazardly at best. And the content of those meetings were generally regurgitated messes of previous meetings.

Supervisors would ignore parts of their work duties as they saw fit to and only seemed to care about how long they could push their coffee breaks to.


Morale was a joke. As in, there was no morale. The only indication that the company was watching the “morale” of the employees, was by absenteeism. Hardly an accurate model to use. Many people I worked with would come in with poor attitudes and do their best to make others as miserable as they were. Yet, that seemed to not be taken into account.


While it wasn’t always doom and gloom. It was once a fun and decent place to work. Sadly changing CEOs ruined that. The company becoming more worried about money, then about safety seemed to tear the place to shreds.


Yes, I know I can hear the comments now, I can hear you questioning why a focus on safety is a bad thing. In all technicalities it isn’t. However, when a company focus so solely on safety that “they” as a company will never be at fault for any accident that takes place on their grounds or in their workplace, I question what kind of safety they are focused on.


I’ll miss the friends I had there and they conversations I’ve had with these friends. However, I will not miss the workplace. I feel a freedom I haven’t felt in ages and I plan to embrace it.

Here I am again, trying to start up a blog that people might be interested in.  We’ll see how well it goes this time. ^_^


I have a feeling this will be a blog with highly varied posts, however, I’ll try to keep them within reason of each other.


You can expect posts from fan fiction commentary, general everyday stuff, to whatever project I’m currently working on.


Again, welcome… and don’t mind the ashes, that’s just the last batch of flames.

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